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dsm-firmenich partners with SCN BestoCo to inspire a new era in omega-3 gummy innovation

by Food Drinks Innovation

dsm-firmenich, the leading innovator in health, nutrition and beauty, has announced an exciting new partnership with SCN BestCo to develop and market advanced omega-3 gummies in the US. Leveraging dsm-firmenich’s ingredient and flavor expertise and SCN BestCo’s state-of-the-art gummy development and manufacturing capabilities, the strategic alliance will utilize life’s®OMEGA O33-P100, an algal based omega-3 powder, to craft high-load omega-3 gummies powered by science and sustainability. This breakthrough marks a significant step forward for supplement brands using enjoyable forms in the North American landscape to offer consumers a great tasting alternative to softgels.

A unique omega-3 solution

Omega-3 gummies are historically challenging to formulate due to the sensitive nature of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) – making it difficult to achieve high dosage levels while preserving sensory qualities. Consequently, traditional omega-3 gummy formats typically contain less than 100 mg EPA+DHA per two-piece serving. To help address this, dsm-firmenich introduced life’s®OMEGA O33-P100 to the market. Developed by incorporating life’s®OMEGA oil into innovative POWDER LOC™ technology, this new powder protects the EPA and DHA within a robust shell system; enabling the development of high-performance gummy applications with doses exceeding 400 mg EPA+DHA per two-piece serving.

Breaking boundaries in omega-3 supplementation

dsm-firmenich’s partnership with SCN BestCo – the largest gummy developer and manufacturer globally – will transform omega-3 delivery by making superior gummy formulations a reality for customers in the North America region. Judy Underwood-Brooks, Senior Director of North America Sales at dsm-firmenich comments on the news: “Omega-3s are one of the world’s most well-recognized supplements, prized for their broad benefits in human health. But despite high omega-3 awareness, innovating new formats within this realm has remained challenging – until now. We’re thrilled to embark on this new project with SCN BestCo, with the aim of setting a new standard for gummy-based omega-3 innovation to further unlock the health benefits of these nutrients in novel and appealing ways.”

Not only does the initiative help brands stand out in a sea of softgel products with attractive and convenient supplements, but it also underscores dsm-firmenich’s dedication to upholding the principles of Essential (nutrition), Desirable (taste) and Sustainable (algal) in fostering purpose-led solutions within the human health and nutrition sphere.

Matthew Kemme, Chief Commercial Officer at SCN BestCo adds: “It’s truly an honor to join forces with dsm-firmenich, a global leader in omega-3 advancements. Our rich history of collaboration speaks volumes – being one of the first companies to utilize their MEG-3® omega-3 powder in gummy formats back in 2007, we’ve witnessed firsthand the company’s commitment to innovation in the space. Together, we’re excited to continue breaking new boundaries and deliver the next-generation of omega-3 solutions.”

A premium plant-based alternative

dsm-firmenich’s  life’s®OMEGA is the only commercially available, algal-based omega-3 that delivers EPA and DHA from a single quality source.  life’s®OMEGA solutions are manufactured using proprietary precision fermentation of a natural, non-GMO algae grown in a controlled, enclosed and inland environment to ensure purity, with multiple production locations ensuring a reliable supply. 

To learn more about dsm-firmenich’s life’s®OMEGA brand, visit www.dsm.com/lifes-omega

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