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New Novamyl® BestBite solution raises the bar for fresh texture and shelf-life in baking

by EzeeProjects01

The newest Novamyl® baking product from Novozymes, Novamyl® BestBite, puts texture at the forefront of baking while delivering significant improvements in freshness, ultimately improving shelf-life and lowering food waste.

Novamyl® and its toolbox of freshness solutions, is a frontrunner in using biosolutions to combat food waste. Since 1990, the use of Novamyl in baking has contributed to saving more than 80 billion loaves of bread from being thrown away. Now, Novozymes makes significant advancements with the new member of the Novamyl family: Novamyl® BestBite.

With the use of the new biosolution, Novamyl® BestBite enhances the characteristics of its predecessors, but with a much stronger focus on fresh texture and the optimization of recipes, allowing producers to reduce dependency of added sugars in their products. When added to the baking process, Novamyl® BestBite creates a baked good that is fresher than fresh and increases the shelf-life of the product, without compromising on the eating experience for the consumer.

“We are very pleased to announce the launch of Novamyl® BestBite and to welcome all the new capabilities it brings. With each addition to the Novamyl® family, we address a concern or demand in the market, while continuing to combat food waste. Keeping baked products fresh and on the shelf is not enough. By focusing on texture and maintaining a soft, fluffy and resilient eating experience throughout shelf-life, we have been able to target a new area in the market,” says Adam B. V. Diggle, Business Unit Director, Baking at Novozymes and continues:

“Novamyl® BestBite uses a game-changing biosolution that lifts the entire eating experience. In terms of texture this means a perfectly balanced bite that is soft yet resilient which perfectly matches what consumers prefer. Until now, obtaining a superior softness and moistness without compromising on resilient bread crumb has been a challenge. But Novamyl® BestBite allows you to achieve a great balance without compromises. We call it ‘A soft yet resilient bite.’”

“Consumers use all their five senses when choosing their foods, with the majority naming taste and texture as the most influential components. With Novamyl® BestBite, we have prolonged the natural texture in baked goods, making products remain fresher for much longer. In fact, consumers liked bread that was 15 days old as much as day 1.”

Keeping bread fresher for longer using biosolutions
By keeping products on the shelf longer, and maintaining their attractiveness to the consumer, Novozymes is actively contributing to combatting food waste. Increasing the shelf-life of baked goods also means reducing the impact of all the processes involved in baking, including crop production, processing of grains, baking process, packaging, and transportation. With the addition of Novamyl® BestBite, Novozymes is now even better equipped to reduce food waste while also improving the consumer’s eating experience.

“Ultimately, our goal is sustainability and making a positive impact on the climate by reducing food waste in baking. Our Novamyl® solutions have already proven themselves in this context, and with Novamyl® BestBite, we can lift the eating experience, while staying true to this mission,” says Adam B. V. Diggle, Business Unit Director, Baking, at Novozymes.

*According to consumer tasting study performed as a central Location Test at Danish Technological Institute’s sensory laboratory. 53 consumers evaluated the bread samples in a randomized, blinded setup. The letters denote statistical significant differences. Different letters signify significant differences, while the same letter show no significant differences between the samples.

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