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Blendhub presents at Food 4 Future a project focused on developing nutritious and sustainable foods from alternative proteins

by Food Drinks Innovation

Alongside some of its partners, Chemometric Brain, FoodiQ, 3D Essence Food, and Lean Compacting Company, they will also present innovative solutions based on ingredient upcycling, advanced plant-based formulas, waste management, and the Food-as-a-Service business model to help food companies innovate and launch new products worldwide.

Blendhub and Chemometric Brain will once again be present at Food 4 Future, from April 16th to 18th in Bilbao, Spain, the leading foodtech event in Europe, showcasing the latest trends and innovations transforming the food industry.

Both companies are official sponsors of the event and will participate as exhibitors with a 360º stand hosting some of their main partners, aiming to demonstrate how collaboration among different stakeholders in the supply chain can accelerate the commitment to more efficient, sustainable, and safe food production.

This year, Blendhub will introduce Non Typical Protein, an initiative to attract investments for the development and launch of new, more nutritious and sustainable food products, based on alternative proteins obtained from plant-based ingredients or the transformation of by-products from the food industry. Making basic nutrition more accessible to more consumers in more places while promoting resource utilization is one of the pillars of Blendhub’s business model.

Also within this framework is the Impactaste project, driven by Blendhub alongside Hijos de Rivera (Estrella Galicia) to explore new ways of valorizing bagasse, the main by-product of the brewing industry, through an idea competition aimed at university students and young entrepreneurs.

These projects are developed within a unique Food-as-a-Service business model focused on helping SMEs, startups, and impactful companies from design, production, and launch of innovative and sustainable food products worldwide, thanks to extensive market knowledge and a global network of production hubs on 4 continents and expanding.

Alongside Blendhub, Chemometric Brain, a company within the group that commercializes unique software based on NIRS technology for food quality control; Foodiq, a food technology company developing products and services for the industry focused on the plant-based segment; 3D Essence Food, specialized in the utilization of production surpluses to curb waste and generate new high-nutritional-value foods; and Lean Compacting Company (LCC), which will introduce its latest eco-efficient solutions to help companies minimize waste and optimize resources.

“In the past year, we have consolidated our strategy of generating impactful solutions to extend basic nutrition to more people in more places through the search for new ingredients, formula innovation, upcycling of by-products and food surpluses… and above all through alliances with partners aligned in value, many of whom are exhibiting with us this year at Food 4 Future, since collaboration is the basis for transforming the global food system towards a more sustainable and efficient model,” explains Henrik Stamm Kristensen, founder and CEO of Blendhub and Chemometric Brain.

In addition to being exhibitors, Blendhub and its partners will participate in the Food 4 Future World Summit, which will host international high-level speakers to discuss the challenges facing the food and beverage industry.

Blendhub – April 16th – Arena Industry Solutions – David Torres – Discover what’s behind the blending of powdered ingredients.

Furthermore, Blendhub’s founder and CEO, Henrik Stamm Kristensen, will be part of a panel discussion on advanced technology for transforming the food industry alongside Eduard Marfá, Global CP&R Marketing Director of Siemens, Blendhub’s technological partner.

Henrik Stamm Kristensen – April 16th – Innovation Area by Siemens – Robotics and digital twins in food plants: The next level of the digital twin – Blendhub success story

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