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Cornitos Dips – The Ultimate Snacking Companion

by Food Drinks Innovation

Snack lovers are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting dips to complement their irresistible snacking experiences. Cornitos, India’s leading made-in-India nachos brand offers Chunky Salsa- Hot & Mild and Cheesy Jalapeno Dip for every dip lover.

Cornitos Chunky Salsa Dip is a delightful condiment that combines succulent juicy tomatoes with spicy peppers and herbs. If you desire a tangy salsa dip with a hot kick, your search ends here! Cornitos chunky salsa dip can add excitement to just about any dish. It pairs wonderfully with our Nachos, creating a flavour explosion for your taste buds. Whether you are using as a dip or using it as a topping, Cornitos Chunky Salsa Dip is a versatile and zesty addition to your culinary adventures.

Hot salsa is for spice enthusiasts. It delivers a pronounced heat due to the use of Jalapeno peppers. In Mild Salsa focus is on the flavours of tomatoes, onions, and a hint of chili, without an overpowering heat. If you enjoy spicy foods and want your salsa to have a real kick, hot salsa is the way to go. Mild salsa is the least spicy option, provides a gentle heat that won’t overwhelm taste buds. Both the variants are priced at Rs 165 for 330g each.

Cheesy Jalapeno Dip- Creamy and flavourful condiment that combines the richness of cheese with the zesty kick of jalapeños. Cornitos Cheesy Jalapeno Dip is the perfect balance of smooth cheese and the boldness of jalapeños. Elevate any snack item – Spread it on nachos, drizzle it over tacos, wraps or enjoy it as a dip with your favourite crunchy snacks. Priced at Rs 80 for 100g.

Cornitos dips are Gluten-Free, Zero Trans Fat, Zero Cholesterol, and free from added preservatives, making it a quality and exciting addition to your snacking range. They can make even the boring meals tasteful and give a twist to your regular snacks.

Link: https://www.cornitos.in/product-range/dips/

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