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Kraft Heinz’s mio Launches TAP: First-Ever Faucet that Instantly Turns Tap Water into an Energy Drink

by Food Drinks Innovation

Set to disrupt the energy drink industry, the TAP* faucet debuts alongside mio’s first rebrand in nearly a decade

Say no more to cell phone chains and micro purses – the latest accessory infiltrating younger generations? Energy drinks. As the energy drink category has surged by 71 percent since 20171, some energy drink enthusiasts may be asking themselves: why do I feel like garbage? When was the last time I had water? Why am I sweating out a mix of Black Cherry and Blue Raspberry? mio, the creator of the liquid concentrate category, is saying no more. Introducing: TAP* – the first-ever faucet that instantly turns tap water into a hydrating energy drink.

How does TAP* work? Well, it works just like any regular faucet. You turn it on, and water comes out – on demand, whenever you need it. While that might sound unspectacular in the world of water, it’s pretty disruptive in the world of energy drinks. And thanks to mio Energy, that’s exactly what your tap water can be. With the introduction of mio’s TAP* faucets, the brand is turning its newfound hardware on the competition by proving that all you need is tap water and mio to create an energy drink that helps you hydrate. A welcomed addition in a world where 55 percent of energy drink users face adverse effects due to high sugar content, artificial additives, and dehydrating ingredients2.

“With our TAP* launch, we’re shaking up the energy drink game and reminding people that sometimes the simplest solution is the best,” says Samantha Mills, Director of Brand Communications at Kraft Heinz. “We’re here to show the world that energy drinks don’t need to be complicated, they just need to make you feel good. Our vibrant TAP* faucets prove that you can get that instant boost right from your kitchen sink – without the unwanted side effects.”

mio’s TAP* faucet coincides with the brand’s first rebrand in nearly a decade, introducing refreshed packaging, brand colors, and logo. The brand’s evolution is part of mio’s commitment to providing accessible and personalized wellness solutions that meet the evolving needs of its fans. As consumers seek function in their beverages, mio offers the perfect solution with a range of products – core, hydrate and energy – that include caffeine, electrolytes or flavor to help consumers to hydrate on their own terms.

mio’s TAP* faucets are designed to integrate into any kitchen, offering a revolutionary solution for those seeking an alternative to traditional energy drinks. The faucets will be available starting April 16 on TAPbymio.com for $159. For more information, follow @drinkmio on Instagram.


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