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Cornitos Navratri Specials Healthy and Flavourful

by Food Drinks Innovation

Embracing the spirit of Navratri, a revered festival dedicated to honoring Goddess Durga, we present a special range of flavors that resonate with the festival’s essence of purity and power. What sets these offerings apart is their complete vegetarian nature, adhering to Navratri traditions by excluding onion and garlic, thus making them an ideal snacking choice for those observing a strict Navratri diet.

The Navratri-exclusive flavors boast enticing varieties. For cheese lovers, the Cheese and Herbs flavor combines Cheddar Cheese and Italian herbs for a delightful fusion, Ignite your taste buds with the fiery Sizzling Jalapeno, a spicy sensation for enthusiasts.. If you crave a blend of juicy and spicy, the Tomato Mexicana option offers a delectable mix of tomatoes and jalapenos.

In addition, our range includes Dry Fruits and Seeds, ensuring a healthy and craving-free Navratri experience.

This exclusive range is conveniently available for purchase online at https://shop.cornitos.in/collections/no-onion-no-garlic. Not only are these flavors delicious, but they are also crafted using the highest quality, non-GMO yellow corn sourced through contract farming. Don’t miss out—seize these crunchies this Navratri and relish the festive season with Cornitos.

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