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Mango mania: discover 20+ varieties of high-quality mangoes on Amazon Fresh

by Food Drinks Innovation

This summer, savour your favourite mangoes (from the nutrient-packed Safeda to the flavourful Badami) and mango-infused delights at great prices on Amazon Fresh’s Mango Store.

The king of fruits is here. Amazon Fresh has recently launched the Mango Store to ensure the best quality mangoes are delivered right to your doorstep. From the nutrient-packed Safeda to the flavourful Badami and the honey-like Sindhura to the pulpy Totapuri, you can enjoy over 20+ varieties of mangoes available on Amazon Fresh. All mangoes available on Amazon Fresh are carbide-free, safely ripened, and subjected to a stringent 4-step quality check process before they reach you.

“We are happy to provide our customers not just a wide selection of over 20+ types of fresh and juicy mangoes but the assurance of quality and safety as well. At Amazon Fresh, we thrive to provide our customers with the best online grocery shopping experience with the largest selection of products at unmatched quality, great value and the convenience of 3hrs doorstep delivery”

Srikant Sree Ram

Director, Amazon Fresh

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