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Cornitos unveils #CornyTheCrazyCricketFan campaign 

by Food Drinks Innovation

The campaign highlights Corny – Wild and Uncooperative Chimp’s denial to the stadium and his continued determination and spirit to witness Live Cricket 

Cornitos, the renowned brand of Greendot Health Foods Pvt. Ltd., is thrilled to present the #CornyTheCrazyCricketFan campaign, featuring their wild new mascot, ‘Corny – the uncooperative Chimp.’  

This unique campaign captures Corny’s unwavering passion for cricket, his struggles to enter the stadium, and his enduring spirit to support his favorite team, all while hoping for a chance to experience the World Cup live. The campaign is currently live on all Cornitos’ social media platforms. 

The #CornyTheCrazyCricketFan campaign comprises three teaser films and one campaign launch film. It begins by portraying Corny’s challenges in gaining stadium access, which leads to moments of desperation, persuasion, and other comical attempts. As the narrative unfolds, it captures Corny’s frustration at being denied entry and the heart-warming support he receives from his dedicated ‘Corny Army’ as they rally behind the rallying cry, “Let Corny In.” 

Corny’s relentless pursuit of the Cricket World Cup embodies the essence of determination and the unwavering pursuit of dreams. It’s a story of resilience, illustrating how one chimpanzee’s indomitable spirit can inspire an entire community. The campaign concludes by inviting support from around the world to help Corny achieve his dream of witnessing the World Cup first hand. 

Manoj Singh, Head of Marketing at Greendot Health Food Pvt Ltd, Cornitos, shared his thoughts on the campaign, stating, “Cricket is one of the most beloved sports in India, and fans eagerly anticipate every match. While not everyone can attend in person, their spirits remain high, and they continue to cheer for their team in every way possible. This sentiment is beautifully portrayed in the campaign, and we hope that Corny, and anyone who shares a similar dream, will get the opportunity they deserve soon. As a brand, we wholeheartedly support their passion“.

As Corny takes the snacking world by storm, stay tuned for more wild and unpredictable adventures with the lovable chimp. You can catch the campaign on YouTube via this link – https://www.youtube.com/shorts/XTIgss5RZdg?feature=share  

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