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Ingen Technologies Enters Into a Strategic Partnership With FCI To Optimize Food Supply Chain Operations

by Food Drinks Innovation

–          Ingen Technologies has become an official partner with the Food & Civil Supplies Department, UP; it will aim to address supply chain challenges through technological integration. The partnership will innovate solutions aimed at streamlining operations and resolving bottlenecks in the food supply chain

–          Ingen Technologies will deploy its flagship product, SecuTrak, to achieve project goals, such as reducing leakage, providing real-time delivery notifications, and enhancing stakeholder convenience. Furthermore, Ingen plans to integrate GPS technology into the system to precisely track shipment locations, ensuring optimal route planning and minimizing delivery delays

 In a significant move towards modernizing food procurement and distribution processes, the Uttar Pradesh Food and Civil Supplies Department (UPFCSD) has chosen Ingen Technologies to develop efficient delivery of essential commodities to the state’s citizens. The partnership held to implement Ingen’s smart GPS vehicle tracking system – SecuTrak, for two pivotal initiatives: food grain procurement from 40 District Authorized Purchase Centres and Fair Price Shop automation under the National Food Security Act (NFSA) implementation.

The contract underscores Ingen Tech’s commitment to leveraging technology for operational optimization, enhanced transparency, and timely delivery of essential goods and services. By addressing objectives, including leakage reduction and real-time delivery notifications, Ingen Tech aims to deliver tangible benefits to the citizens of Uttar Pradesh while setting new standards in logistics management.

The project entails the installation of GPS devices in approximately 8,000 vehicles used for the transportation of NFSA food grains from Food Corporation of India (FCI) godowns to Fair Price Shops throughout the state. These GPS devices will enable real-time monitoring of vehicle movement, adherence to predefined routes, and prompt notification of any deviations or delays to concerned authorities.

Speaking about the contract, Ashish Agarwal, Co-Founder & CTO, Ingen Tech“We are honored to have been chosen by the Uttar Pradesh Food and Civil Supplies Department for this crucial project. SecuTrak is poised to revolutionize logistics management across various sectors, including agriculture, dairy, fleet, courier, cargo, railways, and SMEs. Our advanced GPS-based tracking solutions will ensure the efficient and transparent distribution of food grains under the NFSA, ultimately benefiting millions of citizens.”

In addition to providing GPS devices, Ingen Tech will develop and deploy a comprehensive software solution, including device applications and a Management Information System (MIS) portal. The software will facilitate route configuration between FCI godowns and Fair Price Shops, geo-fence key storage locations and routes, and enable seamless monitoring and reporting of vehicle movement.

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