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KATZ Food Board: The natural material for food packaging

by Food Drinks Innovation

KATZ, a Koehler Group company, has developed a natural material that can be used as a basis for food packaging in the form of its KATZ Food Board products. KATZ Food Board is made out of wood pulp board, a sustainable raw material that has left its mark on the company’s range of products.

KATZ Food Board is a particularly high-volume material that is based on wood pulp. The product can be used in a variety of ways, for example as pads for dry and greasy food, meaning all the way from pastries, fruit and vegetables, or for fish, meat, sausages and cheese.

Natural raw material: An innovative board solution

The company’s wood pulp board is made exclusively with wood from sustainable forestry and regional sources. This wood comes from thinning, and is a byproduct of forest management. In addition, we make sure that our production processes are environmentally friendly throughout. “The all-natural components in our wood pulp board make it one-of-a-kind. In fact, customers can put food on our KATZ Food Board without any worries. To put it simply, our product doesn’t contain any undesirable toxic substances that could make it into the packed product,” says KATZ Managing Director Jürgen Schulz while explaining why KATZ Food Board is such a unique product. When using the KATZ Food Board Pure, customers can rely on certified food safety thanks to the ISEGA certificate.

A variety of product versions for individualized uses

The product base developed by KATZ for the KATZ Food Board product range is unique and 100% recyclable and suitable for direct contact with food. The goal is to replace existing plastic packaging solutions with KATZ Food Board wherever possible. Two categories are currently being developed for series production. On one hand, there is KATZ Food Board Pure, a natural and unprocessed product that is especially well-suited for use as a packaging material in direct contact with dry and greasy food. On the other, KATZ Food Board products with laminated film or foil will soon be part of the product range. In fact, specific barrier properties can be achieved by using gold foil, silver foil, or transparent film for lamination. This means that this version can be used to pack moist and greasy food, such as salmon, meat, and pastries.

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