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Magnum leads in mood-food trend with innovative new range

by Food Drinks Innovation

Magnum has kickstarted 2024’s ice cream season with its first mood-inspired flavours. Combining cracking chocolate, ice cream and a surprising core, the range aims to win a scoop of the €85 billion market where 75% of consumers seek new ice cream experiences.

  • Magnum has launched a trio of innovative, mood-inspired flavours
  • 75% of global consumers seek new ice cream experiences
  • Global retail sales for ice cream are expected to reach €85 billion in 2024

Magnum’s ice creams have always been designed for pleasure. But its ice cream innovation for 2024, a trio of mood-inspired flavours called Magnum Pleasure Express, aims to take its premium portfolio to the next level.

Findings by cocoa supplier Barry Callebaut show 75% of global consumers are positive about trying new and exciting ice cream experiences. To tap into this market, fresh flavours and formats are key.

Get it right, and the cherry on top is a share of ice cream’s 2024 global retail sales which Euromonitor estimates to be worth €85 billion ($91 billion).

“Magnum has always been at the forefront of ice cream innovation. Our annual innovations are a strong contributor to the brand’s growth. Magnum’s 2023 Sunlover and Starchaser duo doubled the turnover of our 2021 innovation,” says Ben Curtis, Global Magnum and Luxury Brands Lead.

“Our latest flavours have been two years in the making,” Ben continues.

Ice cream innovation designed to deliver multi-sensorial experiences

In a first for the brand, Magnum has paired its signature cracking chocolate with new ice cream flavours that contain a surprising core. “We want to take ice cream lovers on a journey where they enjoy a new sensation with every bite,” adds Ben.

Magnum Pleasure Express is also the first Unilever ice cream range designed to match three different moods.

Magnum has always been at the forefront of ice cream innovation. Our annual innovations are a strong contributor to the brand’s growth.Ben Curtis, Global Magnum and Luxury Brands Lead

Meet Magnum’s mood-inspired ice creams: Euphoria, Wonder and Chill

Happiness is the inspiration for Magnum Euphoria. It pairs a lemon ice cream with a refreshing raspberry sorbet core. To add texture and fun, its thick white chocolate shell is studded with popping candy.

Chocolate, caramel, toffee and molasses, known as brown flavours in the food industry, are currently trending with all consumers and Magnum Wonder looks to capitalise on their popularity. It combines toffee flavoured ice cream with the unexpected sweetness of a date ice cream core and is covered in golden chocolate and caramelised almonds.

The flavour inspiration of Magnum Chill is blueberries. This vegan option matches a vanilla-biscuit flavoured ice cream with a blueberry sorbet core and crunchy cookie pieces, covered in a rich vegan chocolate couverture.

Multi-channel marketing that ensures the journey continues…

The launch of these ice creams in stores is just one stop on a multi-channel customer journey.

Magnum’s award-winning adverts are key drivers in engagement and purchase intent. And this year’s innovations will be supported by a media campaign that features Magnum lovers boarding the ‘Pleasure Express’ train. The fantasy train journey ends by inviting consumers to go “wherever pleasure takes you”.

“We’ve seen this campaign achieve the highest consumer test scores in Magnum’s history. That’s a testament to our commitment to flavour innovation, our understanding of the marketplace and a strong indicator that we’re meeting consumer demand,” concludes Ben.

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