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Odisha Skill Development Authority Swakalpa Project Success Story: Nano-Entrepreneur Rajesh Opens His Fruit Drink Brand ‘Oh! Chill’

by Food Drinks Innovation

I envision making Oh! Chill the most popular Odia fruit drink brand loved by India,” says Rajesh with his eyes shining with determination and purpose.

Rajesh wasn’t a typical cubicle dweller. Sure, his Bengaluru tech job was comfortable, but his heart ached for his Odia roots. He dreamt of returning home, not just for himself, but to create opportunities for his community members. So, with determination in his heart, he traded spreadsheets for a shot at his passion: launching a delicious Odia fruit drink brand called Oh! Chill.

But the road to success wasn’t easy for him. Rajesh faced fierce competition. He felt lost, battling a lack of marketing knowledge and the ever-present struggle of getting his product noticed on crowded store shelves. His dreams of expansion were dampened by financial constraints and the challenge of navigating the complex world of distributors, while bigger companies loomed large. To top it off, fumbling with packaging and branding, due to his own inexperience, took a toll on sales. Discouraged but not defeated, Rajesh was on the verge of giving up when a beacon of hope emerged: Swakalpa.

Swakalpa became Rajesh’s lifeline. He discovered Swakalpa through an entrepreneurship awareness program conducted by the team in his vicinity. He immediately enrolled himself in a life-changing 100-hour entrepreneurship training. From business planning and managing his finances to the magic of marketing and building strong customer relationships, a whole new world of business opened up for him. Each session was a step closer to his dream of not just a successful business, but one that would uplift his community.

Rajesh’s dedication shone through, and he proudly received his certificate post training. But Swakalpa’s support didn’t stop there. The program paired him with specialized mentors who offered personalized guidance to him during the crucial initial stages. Weekly meetings and hands-on help became Rajesh’s secret weapon. He gained invaluable insights, learned to navigate challenges, and seize opportunities he wouldn’t have seen coming on his own.

With Swakalpa’s help, Rajesh’s dream became a reality. He launched Oh! Chill, his very own fruit drink brand. Swakalpa didn’t just stop cheering him on from the sidelines. It helped him secure the FSSAI registration, craft winning business strategies, design eye-catching labels that screamed “Oh! Chill,” and establish a brand identity that resonated with customers. The program even ensured his packaging materials were top-notch, leaving no room for quality slips.

As Rajesh’s business blossomed, Swakalpa connected him with local market players who couldn’t resist the taste of Oh! Chill. This strategic partnership wasn’t just about securing sales, it was about opening doors to a future filled with growth and expansion. Rajesh received all the training he needed to market his product like a pro, increase brand awareness, and build strong relationships with key players in the market.

Today, Rajesh’s business is thriving as he is generating Rs. 1.6 lacs in monthly revenue. But for Rajesh, it’s more than just numbers. As he stands proudly surrounded by shelves overflowing with Oh! Chill bottles, his heart brims with gratitude. He’s not just living his dream, he’s creating jobs for 3 people in his village, bringing a positive transformation to his community.

Rajesh’s journey is a testament to the power of Swakalpa. The program is a beacon of hope for countless aspiring nano entrepreneurs who dare to dream big and strive to build a better future for themselves and their communities. From helping nano-entrepreneurs take their first steps into the world of business to guiding them on their path to becoming micro and macro-enterprises, Swakalpa is a catalyst for change at every level. With Swakalpa leading the way, a new generation of passionate entrepreneurs is rising, ready to take the world by storm, one innovative idea at a time.

Swakalpa is a self-employment training and entrepreneurship development programme, led by the Odisha Skill Development Authority and World Skill Center, funded by Asian Development Bank, and implemented by Palladium India. It aims to train 10,000 youths in self-employment and establish 1,000 micro-businesses in Odisha, with a focus on ensuring 25% female participation.  

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