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Pure Leaf Zero Sugar Sweet Tea: a delicious, real brewed, high-quality sweet, iced tea with zero sugar and zero calories

by Food Drinks Innovation

Pure Leaf assembles myth-busting duo Emily Alyn Lind and Celeste O’Connor to uncover the innovation in the “Unbelievably Sweet Files.”

For many sweet tea drinkers, the more sugar, the sweeter the sip. Sweet tea existing without sugar may seem impossible to believe, but Pure Leaf has cracked the code with its newest innovation. Introducing Pure Leaf Zero Sugar Sweet Tea: a delicious, real brewed, high-quality sweet, iced tea with zero sugar and zero calories. Whether you’re a traditional sweet tea drinker or an iced tea skeptic, Pure Leaf is bringing non-believers to the sweet side with help from Emily Alyn Lind and Celeste O’Connor (who are no strangers to mysterious plots and uncovering the truth – check them out in a major blockbuster in theaters now!) in a national campaign launched recently.

The Unbelievably Sweet Files
Extraterrestrial sightings, ghost stories, or simply inexplicable phenomena, our society craves the unbelievable. To help bust the myth that Pure Leaf Zero Sugar Sweet Tea can’t be sweet and delicious without sugar, Pure Leaf today unveiled its “Unbelievably Sweet Files” campaign, which includes:

  • A video starring Emily and Celeste, in which they uncover the truth of the new Zero Sugar Sweet Tea.
  • A national promotion, calling on fans to submit their out-of-this-world accounts on PureLeafZeroSugar.com. The most unbelievable stories will be chosen, and winners will receive a Pure Leaf Zero Sugar Prize Pack, including the new Zero Sugar Sweet Tea and a selection of holographic stickers. Submissions will be open until April 26th.
  • A multi-city tour kicking off next week, in three of America’s historically mystifying cities – New Orleans (April 3)Boston (April 5), and Chicago (April 7). Consumers can “sip it to believe it” with complimentary Pure Leaf Zero Sugar Sweet Tea tastings at each stop. 

“A delicious zero sugar sweet tea that actually tastes good seems like a dream, which is why I’m thrilled Pure Leaf has nailed it,” says actor Emily Alyn Lind. “Celeste and I have had a blast finding a sweet tea that satisfies your cravings without a load of extra sugar. You have to taste it to believe it.”

“This sweet, iced tea tastes truly incredible,” adds actor Celeste O’Connor. “It really is hard to believe it has zero sugar. Emily and I both love a good mystery, so we’re excited to help tea lovers uncover this new truth: sweet tea doesn’t need sugar to be deliciously sweet and satisfying.”

Real Brewed and Deliciously Sweet, Minus the Sugar
As with every bottle of Pure Leaf Iced Tea, Pure Leaf Zero Sugar Sweet Tea is made from freshly picked, high-quality black tea leaves brewed fresh for each batch – creating a smooth, woody aroma with the perfect level of sweetness. Real brewed without artificial flavors, colors, concentrates, or preservatives, each bottle contains zero calories and zero grams of sugar.

“Bringing our first-ever Zero Sugar Sweet Tea product to market has been a long time coming,” says Julie Raheja-Perera, General Manager, North America, Pepsi Lipton Partnership. “We know this is an iced tea option consumers are looking for today, and we took the time needed to perfect our recipe. We wanted to make the delicious taste of sweet tea happen without sugar, while keeping Pure Leaf’s standards of real, freshly brewed tea that consumers have come to know and love. Partnering with Celeste and Emily to help consumers believe this unbelievable product has been a fun way to explore the phenomenon together.”

For more information on the new Pure Leaf Zero Sugar Sweet Tea, visit www.PureLeafZeroSugar.com. You can also learn more about Pure Leaf’s robust lineup of flavors – including a brand-new Blackberry flavor – by visiting www.PureLeaf.com or following @PureLeaf on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

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