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Emerson and PierSight Collaborate to Develop Space-focused Test Applications

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PierSight aims to reduce cost and risk in space system development and deployment using Emerson’s modular testing instrumentation and application software

Emerson’s Test & Measurement business (formerly NI) and Ahmedabad-based spacetech company PierSight announced today their collaboration to leverage Emerson’s Engineering Innovation Center (EIC) Lab in Bangalore for the development and test of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) subsystems and Automatic Identification System (AIS) satellites. The adoption of a test strategy in the early stage of development mitigates late problem discovery cost and timescale risk to programs.

“With the latest modular instrumentation and application software, we are enabling advanced testing of key components for PierSight’s innovative satellite constellation,” said Shitendra Bhattacharya, director of global sales & marketing for Emerson’s Test & Measurement business. “PierSight is driving the future of persistent monitoring in SAR and AIS technology, and we are happy to help them solve key maritime challenges.”

“Emerson’s EIC is of immense value as we build our persistent monitoring constellation of SAR and AIS satellites. We have been using this best-in-class facility to test our RF electronics, amplifiers and antennas,” said PierSight Co-founder and CTO Vinit Bansal. “Emerson’s NI PXI test platform helps us improve test coverage and reduce test times, making our mission-critical systems more reliable.”

Key to the EIC lab capabilities is the use of Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) test systems, an enabling technology that replicates the operational environment for subsystems under test. The lab is also equipped with modular instrumentation and application software for the company’s Wideband Multichannel Phase Aligned Transceiver (MPA) System, S-Parameters, pulse-to-pulse stability, and power-added efficiency measurement and capability to emulate a Wideband Satellite Link.

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