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An exclusive interview with Mr. Mohan Bhat, Managing Director – Minebea Intec India

by Food Drinks Innovation
Minebea Intec unveils exciting innovations for weighing and inspection at PackEx 2023!

In an exclusive interview with Mr. Mohan Bhat, Managing Director – Minebea Intec India reveals the company’s latest innovative technologies that will take centre stage at PackEx 2023 in Mumbai. Discover how the MiWave technology is taking metal detection in the food industry to the next level, the new features of the weight transmitter of the Link E series and the versatile CoSynus® solution that combines checkweighing and metal detection. Explore the future trends in weighing and inspection technology, and learn how Minebea Intec stays at the forefront of this rapidly changing landscape.

Interviewer: Thank you for joining us today, Mr. Mohan Bhat. Let’s dive right into it. Can you tell us more about Minebea Intec and what exciting new products you’ll be presenting at PackEx 2023 in Mumbai?

Mohan Bhat: Thank you for having me. Minebea Intec is a leading manufacturer of weighing and inspection technology globally. We are dedicated to providing our customers in the Asian market with top-quality weighing and inspection solutions at competitive prices. To achieve this goal, we have invested in our production facilities in India, combining German quality with Indian engineering expertise.

At PackEx 2023 in Mumbai, we’ll be showcasing a range of new products that we are very excited about. Our main focus will be on two innovations – the MiWave technology integrated into the Mitus® metal detector and the Link E series of weight transmitters.

Interviewer: The MiWave technology sounds fascinating. Can you tell us more about how it works and the benefits it offers?

Mohan Bhat: Absolutely! The MiWave technology is a breakthrough in metal detection for the food industry. It enables incredibly precise detection of foreign objects, even when large product effects are present. In the food industry, it’s crucial to compensate for product effects, which are the influences the products themselves have on the electromagnetic field during metal detection.

With MiWave, we modulate the transmission signal using multiple frequencies, separate and evaluate them individually using a smart algorithm. This approach allows us to inspect products symbolically from multiple perspectives, providing significantly more information about the product. As a result, we achieve high search sensitivities even when product effects are substantial, and the technology is less affected by fluctuations like temperature changes or thawing processes. The outcome is maximum product safety and efficiency for food manufacturers.

Interviewer: That’s impressive! Now, let’s talk about the Link E series of weight transmitters. What makes this se-ries stand out, and how does it contribute to the analogue weighing process?

Mohan Bhat: The Link E series of weight transmitters is a crucial component in analogue weighing systems. These transmitters calculate reliable weight values and automatically send them to control or software systems for further processing. With the Link E, we’ve completely overhauled our series to focus on easy process integration, intuitive operation, and precise results at an attractive price.

What sets the Link E apart is its high-contrast touch display, a unique feature in the market. This display allows users to read the status and access all functions directly, providing clear visibility of information and settings at all times. Configuration is a breeze through a standard web browser by entering the IP address, eliminating the need for additional software installation. And with the “Smart Calibration” feature, adjustment can be done without the need for weights, minimizing installation and access times while helping uncover mechanical faults.

Interviewer: The CoSynus® solution seems interesting as well. Can you elaborate on how it combines checkweigh-ing and metal detection in one system?

Mohan Bhat: Certainly! The CoSynus® solution is a combination of our Synus® checkweigher and Vistus® metal detector. It serves multiple purposes, including weight determination, completeness checks, and regulation of upstream filling systems. It’s also capable of simultaneously detecting metallic components. The evaluation electronics of the CoSynus® can handle product classification and control sorting and signaling devices. Optionally, it can be equipped with air blast nozzle ejectors or pneumatic pushers on the outfeed belt and metal detection conveyor for rejection and sorting mechanisms. This system is highly adaptable and can use separated rejection belts or line separators based on the specific product requirements.

Interviewer: Let’s take a look into the future: What trends do you expect in weighing and inspection technology?

Mohan Bhat: A major trend that we are already seeing today is the integration of advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence. By using big data collected by our weighing and inspection systems, we can gain valuable insights and identify patterns that may have been previously overlooked. This allows for improved quality control and better prediction of potential problems in production processes.

Another emerging trend is connectivity. In the age of Industry 4.0, it is increasingly important that our weighing and inspection systems can be seamlessly integrated into digital factory environments. The ability to share and receive data in real time enables better communication between the different production stages and more efficient production control.

And last but not least, the sustainability trend cannot be ignored. Minebea Intec’s solutions play an important role in promoting sustainable production. By specifically reducing misdirection and minimising material waste, they ensure that resources are used more efficiently. In addition, they increase energy efficiency and optimise packaging processes, which supports and enables an environmentally conscious approach. Another aspect is the durability of our equipment. We invest in the development of durable and robustly built weighing and inspection equipment that is less
susceptible to wear and tear and therefore has a longer service life.

Interviewer: How do you see Minebea Intec’s role in this changing landscape?

Mohan Bhat: Minebea Intec has always focused on being at the forefront of weighing and inspection technology. Going forward, we will continue to invest in research and development to create innovative solutions that meet our customers’ needs. We will equip our products with the latest technologies to ensure higher accuracy, efficiency and ease of use. In addition, we will continue to focus on providing customised solutions to our customers. Every business has unique requirements and we want to ensure that our products and services are tailored to meet those needs. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Interviewer: Lastly, where can visitors find Minebea Intec at PackEx India 2023, and what can they expect when they visit your exhibition stand?

Mohan Bhat: We’ll be delighted to welcome visitors to Minebea Intec’s exhibition stand at J72 in Hall 1. When visitors drop by, they can expect to witness our latest innovations firsthand and interact with specialists who can answer any questions they might have. It’s a great opportunity to explore our new products, see how they work, and understand how they can benefit
businesses in the weighing and
inspection industry.

Interviewer: Thank you, Mr Bhat, for providing us with val-uable insights into Minebea Intec’s innovations. We look forward to seeing your products at PackEx India 2023!

Mohan Bhat: Thank you for having me, and we’re excited to showcase our cutting-edge technologies at the event! See you there!

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