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A Chat with: Ms. Vandana Tandan, Head of Markets (India & Bangladesh), SIG.

by Food Drinks Innovation

In a chat with SIG, Ms. Tandan proudly elaborates on her company’s remarkable journey as a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge packaging solutions. With an impressive track record of expertise and experience, her company has played a pivotal role in transforming the packaging landscape. Ms. Tandan highlights the thriving growth of the processed food industry in India, emphasizing how their solutions have been integral to this evolution. Notably, their approach to sustainability stands out, aligning seamlessly with the industry’s demand for eco-conscious packaging solutions. Recent innovations have propelled the company’s success further, supported by strategic investments and ambitious expansion plans that reflect their commitment to shaping the future of packaging.

Tell us about your company’s expertise and experience in providing packaging solutions specifically tailored for the food and beverage industry?

SIG embarked on its industrial journey in 1853 from Neuhausen, Switzerland. At the start of the 20th century SIG ventured into packaging and over the years, we have gained expertise in the field and are now recognized as a leading provider of sustainable, innovative, and versatile packaging solutions worldwide. In response to the diverse needs of consumers, we have evolved and developed a unique range of aseptic cartons, bag-in-boxes, and spouted pouches. We work in partnership with our customers to ensure the safe, sustainable, and affordable delivery of food and beverages. The highlight of our products is the choices and flexibility we offer in terms of format, shape, volume, closure, and packaging material, allowing consumers to experiment.

Our journey in India so far has been exceptional, and we are eagerly looking forward to what comes next. Although the need for aseptic packaging solutions has been present since the beginning, it has gained significant traction after the COVID-19 pandemic. With people becoming more conscious of their health and diet, there is an increasing preference for well-packaged products. Therefore, we aim to meet the needs of the people and expand our business accordingly.

What innovative packaging solutions have you developed to address specific challenges faced by the food and beverage industry, such as sustainability, shelf-life extension, or convenience for consumers?

To meet the evolving needs of consumers, we at SIG continuously strive to improve our packaging solutions and stay up to date.Considering the increasing demand for single-serve and on-the-go packaging solutions, we offer customization options to our customers. They have the flexibility to select sizes that are easily portable. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, these diverse package sizes are manufactured on a single production line. Additionally, our packages are designed to be foldable, making them cost-effective to transport to customers’ filling lines. These cartons consist of up to seven protective layers, which extend the shelf life, maintain freshness, and preserve the nutritional content of the products. Moreover, in response to the growing demand for sustainable business practices, we also provide connectivity options to promote transparency and traceability of packaged products.

How you see the growth of processed food industry in India and how the responses you are getting towards your products?

Due to shifting demographics and rapid urbanization, there is a booming demand for packaged food products in India, particularly in Tier I and Tier II cities. Considering the fast-paced nature of modern lifestyles, more and more people prefer packaged products to meet their daily needs. At the same time, they do not wish to compromise on the taste, freshness, and nutritional content of the products. To enhance their experience and reduce their impact on the environment, we are creating more innovative and sustainable products. Our convenient packaging solutions, with seven layers of protection, help increase the shelf life while preserving the taste, freshness, and nutrition of the products. Our journey so far has been great, and our packaging solutions have received positive responses from both consumers and businesses. The growth of the processed food industry in India presents a great opportunity for us to expand our business.

Can you describe the range of packaging materials and formats you offer for food and beverage products? How do you ensure the quality and safety of these materials?

SIG offers a broad selection of packaging materials and formats to meet the needs of consumers. We are geared to take aseptic packaging to a new level with our bag-in-box, spouted pouch, and carton packs. These packs are made using different materials depending on the type of food and beverage to be filled in them. Paperboard, 100% plant-based PE material, and optimized aluminum barrier are some of the types of materials we use. Our packs are also available in different sizes and shapes and offer a high level of convenience, as well as easy-to-open closures.

SIG packages usually have seven protective layers to ensure the quality and safety of food and beverages. We employ advanced technologies and conduct thorough testing to ensure that our materials are suitable for food contact and meet regulatory requirements. Our aseptic packaging solutions are designed to protect and preserve the freshness, taste, and nutritional value of the products inside, maintaining their quality throughout their shelf life.

What is your approach to sustainability in packaging solutions? Can you describe any initiatives or practices your company has implemented to minimize environmental impact and support circular economy principles?

Shifting to sustainable business practices is the need of the hour and we at SIG are fully committed to the cause. The key element in our packs is renewable paperboard, sourced from responsibly managed forests. We are also working towards increasing the share of renewable materials in our carton packs. This will help to reduce our reliance on fossil-based resources and support the transition to a more sustainable packaging solution.

Furthermore, our lightweight carton packs are designed to minimize material usage, reduce wastage and transportation emissions. Like our cartons, the straws and caps on our packs are completely recyclable. We are also exploring more ideas to improve the eco-efficiency of our product and reduce our environmental footprint.

Brief us about your recent innovations, investments and expansion plans.

As a leading provider of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, we, at SIG, are constantly seeking ways to expand and grow. At present, we are focused on four key areas: geographic expansion, product innovation, digitalization, and sustainability.

To deepen our presence, we are looking to enter high-growth markets in India. We also plan to invest in research and development to create new packaging solutions that meet the evolving needs of the market, such as sustainable materials and manufacturing processes, improved product freshness and safety, and enhanced consumer convenience. Sustainability is a central pillar of our expansion plans, and we are committed to developing eco-friendly packaging solutions.

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