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McDonald’s India solves Newton-Level Math But ‘It doesn’t add up’

by Food Drinks Innovation

McDonald’s India (West & South), owned and operated by Westlife Foodworld, launches its innovative McSavers+ campaign, fundamentally challenging the conventional rules of value with the tagline, ‘It Doesn’t Add Up.’ This new proposition is designed to captivate customers with irresistible snack and beverage combos that defy traditional pricing norms.

The campaign leverages the intriguing math of 65+49=69 to showcase the exceptional value offered by McSavers+. Customers can now enjoy the new Chicken Surprise Burger priced at INR 65 and a classic Coke Float at INR 49, but instead of the expected total amount of INR 114, they will only need to pay INR 69. It’s a value proposition so enticing; it truly doesn’t add up in the best possible way.

McSavers+ offers a range of snack options including fan-favourites like the iconic McAloo Tikki, Pizza McPuff, McEgg Burger, Regular Fries, and the new Chicken Surprise. Customers can pair any of these delectable snacks with a refreshing Coca-Cola beverage for the unbeatable price of just INR 69.

Additionally, the campaign is complemented by a quirky TVC. It opens with a scene at a McDonald’s counter where two GenZ kids are amazed by the math-defying offer: a Chicken Surprise (at INR 65) plus a Coke Float (at INR 49) costing only INR 69. Their confusion is humorously likened to solving a complex math that even Newton would find challenging. The scene shifts to Isaac Newton sitting under a tree, being humorously struck by a Chicken Surprise Burger while enjoying a Coke Float. The genius takes this strange incident as inspiration, symbolizing a breakthrough in understanding the unbelievable value. With the tagline “Value so good, it doesn’t add up,” the TVC effectively mixes historical wit with modern-day value expectations to create a memorable narrative that resonates well especially with the younger audience.

Arvind R.P., Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s India (W&S) said, “We are delighted to launch the McSavers+ campaign targeted at the youth. Our constant aim is to make delicious feel-good moments easy for everyone, and democratize access to delicious food, being easy on the wallet. We have ensured that every aspect of this campaign – from the enticing price points to the playful and engaging communications – has been meticulously crafted to resonate with Gen Z, a key audience for McDonald’s.

Rahul Mathew, Chief Creative Officer, DDB Mudra Group said“Value has become such an overused word and a blind spot in the retail world. We needed a new way to communicate the same to our GenZ audience. And so we decided to take them through the math (or the lack of it) in our offers. And who better to take them through it than someone who probably scored A++++ in his math class – Issac Newton.”

To enhance the consumer experience further, McDonald’s India has also launched a dedicated microsite, 654969.in, which provides customers with in-depth details about this exciting new offering.

The brand is providing a unique opportunity for its fans to celebrate this exciting new limited-time offering. Now, they can discover just how delicious, affordable, and accessible our products can be. The company truly believes in ‘Real Food Real Good’ ensuring its select menu items contain no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, no artificial preservatives, or no added MSG in the chicken offerings. For nearly three decades, McDonald’s India has been committed to using fresh ingredients, locally sourced from globally renowned suppliers, ensuring unparalleled quality and transparency for its valued customers.

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