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A wave of enthusiasm for Milky Monsters at Interpack

by EzeeProjects01

On its stand, Serac presented 4 unique bottles featuring four different facial expressions, enabling children to express their moods in the most delightful way. Serac thus offers dairy brands a packaging solution that stands out on the shelf and creates a unique experience.

These “Milky Monsters” are in fact a way for Serac to communicate its new innovative packaging design offer to both food and non-food manufacturers.

Serac extends its offer to packaging creation services
The blow-fill-cap specialist unveiled a new service offer for manufacturers of both food and non-food product. The newly established Serac Packaging Services division offers a comprehensive range of solutions, starting from the inception and eco-friendly design all the way through to the industrialization of PET and rPET bottles and cups.

This service also includes the provision of associated caps and labels, providing a holistic packaging solution for clients.
To make its debut in the public eye, Serac Packaging Services has introduced a product line known as the Milky Monsters. These 4-portion pack bottles have garnered success at the Interpack exhibition, captivating shoppers in the aisles. Additionally, Serac already offers an extensive catalog of bottles catering to various use-cases. Clients can also benefit from the expertise of Serac’s packaging creation specialists who are readily available to craft customized designs based on individual requirements.

From the creative idea to the blown bottle or cup
Serac’s service begins by delving into the creative stage, where they envision remarkable concepts tailored to each brand.

Once a design idea is chosen, Serac’s packaging experts meticulously refine it to ensure proper blowability. This involves 3D printing sample bottles or blowing samples for the final validation of the design. Subsequently, the industrialization process commences, including blowing tests conducted on Serac’s linear blowers. Rigorous quality checks are performed, examining dimensions, weight, and compressive strength to ensure optimal results.
The 4 Milky Monsters have gone all the way through this process, as shown in Serac’s video.

With state of the art features to meet sustainability and UX requirements
The first model catalog issued by Serac Packaging Services includes essential features for future packagings, amongst which:
• tethered caps for better recyclability,
• reusable sprays to meet regulatory requirements,
• integrated handles for more comfort,
• squeezable bottles for sport applications,
• extra light, glass-like yogurt cups in rPET,
• QR codes that provide increased interactivity with consumers,
• flat bottles for home and personal care.

These packagings are intentionally made of PET and rPET since this material is leading the transition toward a circular economy.

Pict 1 Example of a playful small format bottle suitable for children

For local as well as global brands
The experts from Serac Packaging Services provide support to all companies that need competencies in packaging creation. This way, they can innovate to offer new and more sustainable products and strengthen their attractiveness in shelves.
They can also work closely with the marketing departments of renowned local and global brands to bring their ideas to life.

With this additional service, Serac has the ability commit to packaging projects from the very beginning down to production launch, in Europe, America and Asia. The first comments are enthusiastic since packaging creation completes well the benefits provided by Serac’s Combox blow-fill-cap units.


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