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Leche Celta is the first in Spain to market SIG MidiFit 1L family carton packs

by Food Drinks Innovation

Leche Celta, one of Spain’s leading dairy companies and a benchmark in the manufacture of liquid milk and dairy products, is the first in Spain to use SIG MidiFit 1L aseptic cartons to offer its high-quality UHT dairy products in a convenient and differentiating packaging solution. Leche Celta has launched four new dairy and lactose-free ‘Pastoreo’ products in 1L SIG MidiFit carton packs.

SIG’s modern SIG MidiFit family pack, which catches the eye of consumers and stands out on supermarket shelves with its distinctive shape and unique design, helps to emphasise the product’s premium and truly special qualities. Pastoreo milk comes from cows that are grass-fed and the pack will be the first in Spain to display the double AENOR label, which highlights important animal welfare practices.

This is another first for Leche Celta, who was also first to use SIG Terra Alu-free packaging material in SIG MidiBloc carton packs in Spain last year.

Leche Celta installed a state-of-the-art SIG Midi 12 Aseptic filling machine to flexibly fill both private label and own brand products. It allows the company to fill SIG MidiBloc carton packs in 500ml and 1L sizes, which Leche Celta also uses for other products such as Bechamel Sauce and cooking cream, as well as the SIG MidiFit carton pack on the same filling machine. As two carton formats can run on a single filling line, Leche Celta can adapt quickly to changing market demands, while also optimizing production capacity and provides the option to use SIG Terra Alu-free or standard packaging material.

Javier Bretón Maceiras, Management Coordinator at Leche Celta: In an increasingly competitive retail environment, standing out from the crowd and making it easier for our consumers to find what they need, is essential. Being the first in Spain to market with the SIG MidiFit family aseptic carton pack offers a new packaging dimension in retail and in terms of high consumer convenience. We’re excited to launch our new UHT products to the Spanish market in SIG MidiFit 1L.”

The smart and slender SIG MidiFit family carton pack features a sloping top and one-step opening tethered cap solution.

Ana Ruiz del Árbol, Senior Marketing Manager Iberia, Italy and SEEI at SIG: “The SIG MidiFit carton pack is an outstanding example of a packaging solution that caters to the trend towards square-shaped carton packs for long life dairy products. It not only offers consumers many convenience benefits, but also provides Leche Celta with plenty of room to express and clearly communicate its brand messages, such as the AENOR certification.”

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