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Blue Star Industrial Solutions announces partnership with Gebhardt Intralogistics Group of Germany, for warehouse automation solutions

by Food Drinks Innovation

Blue Star Industrial Solutions, a division of Blue Star Engineering & Electronics, has forged a partnership with the Gebhardt Intralogistics Group, a 70-year-old German corporation known for its cutting-edge supply chain solutions. Blue Star Industrial Solutions specialises in diverse quality testing and automation offerings, and the collaboration with Gebhardt further strengthens its capabilities. Gebhardt is renowned for its automated picking, packaging, conveying and storage solutions, including mechatronics, controls and software systems.

Through this partnership, Blue Star will enhance its warehouse automation solutions capabilities in India by integrating state-of-the-art technologies. Simultaneously, Gebhardt will leverage this collaboration to expand its global presence, with a particular focus on rapidly emerging markets like India.

Growing demand for warehouse automation solutions
The demand for warehouse space in India is growing rapidly due to GST, the growth of the e-Commerce sector, and investments by PEs. Grade A warehouses which are ideal for automation are becoming more common and the increasing scale of warehouse operations is driving demand for automated solutions that provide better inventory management and operational excellence.

The overall material storage, movement and handling market in India is estimated to be in the region of Rs 8,000 crores to Rs 10,000 crores with warehouse automation forming 15% to 20% of the market. Driven by the focus on manufacturing, the increasing complexity of production and warehouses, a greater focus on supply chain as a market enabler and to ensure better inventory management and optimum use of space at plants and distribution centres, the warehouse automation market is growing rapidly and expected to more than double in the next five years. Investments in greenfield capacity are leading to further growth in demand for in-plant storage space.

Warehouse Automation Solutions help manage growing SKU-mixes, deliver higher throughput, and better utilise vertical space to counter high rentals. They also adhere to export standards and reduce touch points (especially in the F&B and Pharma sectors), improve productivity and optimise manpower requirement.

Blue Star Industrial Solutions provides comprehensive solutions for the automation of material storage, handling, and movement, across diverse applications. Offerings include Automatic Storage & Retrieval Systems, Automated Truck Loading Systems, Conveying & Palletising solutions, and packaging optimisation, all complemented by tailored software designed for warehouse operations. All the solutions are optimised for maximising vertical space utilisation, improving throughput and reducing errors in intra-logistics and warehouse operations in plants.

Blue Star Industrial Solutions’ core value proposition is to serve as a one-stop end-to-end, turnkey warehouse automation system integrator, bridging the gap between the finest global technologies and local design and engineering expertise. Leveraging Blue Star’s extensive engineering, solution design and project management experience, the aim is to deliver solutions customised to meet the unique needs of customers and provide the highest quality of customer service.

The strategic alliance between Blue Star Industrial Solutions and Gebhardt Intralogistics Group will empower both organisations to seize the rising demand for advanced warehouse automation solutions and bring cutting-edge technologies to a broader customer base.

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