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Sidel partners with EcoVadis to spearhead sustainable supply chain

by Food Drinks Innovation

Sustainability assessors, EcoVadis, will map and rate the environmental, social and ethical performance of Sidel’s suppliers as part of its new supply chain strategy.

EcoVadis has over 17 years of experience in supply chain sustainability assessment and has rated over 125,000 companies. The organisation rates businesses based on four key categories: environmental impact, labour and human rights standards, ethics and sustainable procurement practices. 

Francesca Bellucci, Head of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) at Sidel, commented: “Our sustainable supply chain strategy is central to our ESG practices: more than 10% of our greenhouse gas emissions occur upstream, and we take full accountability for human rights enforcement across the full value chain. Strong relationships with suppliers are pivotal to reach our ambitious ESG objectives.” 

Communication is key 

“We have already encouraged our suppliers to join campaigns such as SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Disclosure Exchange) and CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), and in 2023 we transitioned our sustainability assessments to EcoVadis. Our goal is to have our suppliers engaged on the EcoVadis platform to further involve our partners in the sustainability roadmap,” adds Lisete Pereira, Responsible Sourcing and Project Manager at Sidel. 

As highlighted in Sidel’s ESG Report 2022, this new initiative will also support the company’s compliance with the Green Deal principles created by the EU Commission, including the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive approved by the EU parliament on 10 November 2022. 

Enshrining sustainability 

Through the partnership with EcoVadis, Sidel is confident that it will be able to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in the goods and services it purchases by almost thirty percent by 2030 when compared to the 2019 baseline as well as enshrine respect for human rights and ethics-based governance across the supply chain. 

Julien Carboni, Strategic Account Executive at EcoVadis, adds: “Communication and collaborative action are the keys to success when supporting suppliers to embrace sustainability practices. By working with EcoVadis, Sidel’s suppliers can meet growing regulatory and due diligence requirements while demonstrating their sustainability commitment to their customers with a trusted sustainability rating.” 

“At Sidel, we believe that a healthy and transparent collaboration across the entire value chain is the only way to meet the challenge of creating a greener and better future for all,” concludes Francesca Bellucci. 

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