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MARCH – 2024

by Food Drinks Innovation

MARCH – 2024

Dear Readers, we are delighted to present to you the March 2024 Edition

Dear Valued Clients and Esteemed Readers,

We are delighted to extend our warmest greetings to all the discerning connoisseurs and industry experts associated with the Food – Drink & Innovations magazine. As we embrace the changing landscape of the food industry, we find great joy in sharing the latest developments, groundbreaking innovations, and insightful reports from various facets of this dynamic field.

Our magazine has been a steadfast advocate for fostering knowledge, promoting innovation, and providing a platform for networking within the food industry. With your unwavering support, we have grown to become a leading source of information, keeping you at the forefront of the latest trends and advancements in the global food sector.

Highlights of the Editions

29 - Cargill and ENOUGH expand partnership to provide consumers with innovative, sustainable protein options
30- Exploring the Nutritional Dimensions of Cold-Pressed Oils in Everyday CulinaryPractices
32 - Roquette unveils new application opportunities with latest extension to its NUTRALYS® pea protein range
33 - Kerry launches new Biobake™ Fibre enzyme solution
34 - Unveiling the Sweet and Spicy Treasure: Cinnamon’s Rich Benefits and Versatile Uses
35 - Ingredion launches first functional native, clean label starch with gelling and improved mouthfeel capabilities
38 - Studies deliver scientific evidence for Rhodiola rosea and Ashwagandha’s stress-reducing properties
40 - Plant-based Cheese Market is predicted to hold a value of US$ 5.3 billion by 2033, Fact.MR
41 - Clean-label browns for beverages: EXBERRY® by GNT unveils new concentrates made from caramelized sugar

43 - Sway Unveils First Scalable Seaweed-Based Plastic Packaging Alternative, Following Close of $5M Seed Round
44 - Revolutionizing Dairy and Beverage Processing: Unveiling the Impact of Interim Budget 2024
48 - KHS HASYTEC Dynamic Biofilm Protection
50 - Embracing Eco-Friendly Packaging: The Role of Kraft Liner
52 - GEA Invests EUR 18 million in Technology Center for Alternative Proteins in the USA
52 - MULTIVAC will be presenting a comprehensive range of slicing equipment for the food sector
54 - Key Technology Introduces Optical Sorters for Processed Protein Products

56 - Amcor to support Cadbury Australia’s move to 50% recycled plastic across core chocolate portfolio wrappers
58 - Aptar – Food Protection Enters Exclusive Partnership with Halopack to Launch Recyclable, Fiber-based Tray System in North America
58 - Westfalia Fruit trials exclusive technology targeting food safety and sustainability

61 - FSSAI verifies McDonald’s India uses 100% real cheese
61 - PM inaugurates 17 Food Safety on Wheels in Assam
62 - FSSAI takes stride towards ensuring food safety in all bhawans of states, UTs
62 - APEDA facilitates around 500 startups to market and export millet based value added products

64 - Enhancing Profitability in the Food Industry: The Crucial Role of Third-Party Logistics

36 - Mr. Shivam Bhagat, Director - Bahgat Halwai

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