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December – 2023

Dear Readers, we are delighted to present to you the December 2023 edition.

Dear Valued Clients and Esteemed Readers,

We are delighted to extend our warmest greetings to all the discerning connoisseurs and industry experts associated with the Food – Drink & Innovations magazine. As we embrace the changing landscape of the food industry, we find great joy in sharing the latest developments, groundbreaking innovations, and insightful reports from various facets of this dynamic field.

Our magazine has been a steadfast advocate for fostering knowledge, promoting innovation, and providing a platform for networking within the food industry. With your unwavering support, we have grown to become a leading source of information, keeping you at the forefront of the latest trends and advancements in the global food sector.

In our upcoming issue, we are excited to present a plethora of enriching content, including:

- Latest Articles: Our team of seasoned experts has curated a selection of thought-provoking articles, exploring diverse topics from the entire value chain of food industry.
- Product Launches: Discover the newest and most innovative products hitting the market.
- From Ingredients to Packaging: Dive deep into the world of ingredients, exploring their provenance and the benefits they bring. Uncover the latest trends in sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions that are reshaping the industry.
- Food Safety and Supply Chain Management: In the ever-evolving landscape of food safety regulations and supply chain challenges, stay updated on the best practices and advancements in ensuring food quality and security.
- Robotics Automation: Witness how robotics and automation are redefining the food industry, streamlining processes, and enhancing efficiency across the board.
- Innovations in Food Industry: We present an exclusive section dedicated to showcasing groundbreaking innovations that have the potential to transform the way we produce, distribute, and consume food.
- Global Food Industry Insights: Gain valuable insights into the trends, challenges, and opportunities in the global food market, with a focus on emerging markets and cross-border collaborations.
- Interactions: Special interactions with industry experts

We sincerely thank you for being a part of our journey and trusting us as your source for all things food and drink. Your continued support and valuable feedback inspire us to strive for excellence in every issue we present.

We eagerly anticipate your presence as we launch this exciting edition of Food – Drink & Innovations magazine. Together, let’s continue to explore the frontiers of the food industry and contribute to a sustainable, innovative, and delectable future.

Mark your calendars for the release date of our latest issue. Be sure to subscribe or renew your subscription to ensure you receive the magazine directly at your doorstep.

For any inquiries, collaboration opportunities, or to share your feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@fooddrinkinnovations.com / fooddrinkinnovations@gmail.com

Wishing you all delightful experiences and insightful reading!

Team Editorial
Food – Drink & Innovations

Highlights of the Editions

27 - Kerry Unveils Biobake™ Fresh Rich to deliver improved freshness over shelf life in sweet baked goods
28 - The Surging Demand for Natural Food Ingredients Worldwide: A Health-Conscious Shift in Consumer Preferences
30 - Time to raise the beer game: Chr. Hansen unveils two strains for more flavors in non-alcoholic brewing with SmartBev® NEER®
32 - The Role of Dairy & Bakery Ingredients in Food Industry
35 - Amadori partners with REDUCED to create upcycled ingredients
38 - Garlic: A Delectable Superfood or Fragrant Spice?

41 - Kraft Heinz Introduces First Fully Recyclable Ketchup Cap with help from Berry Global
42 - From Pixels to Palates: The Evolving Role of QR Codes in Food Packaging
46 - Sidel launches ultra-small, ultra-light PET bottle for liquid dairy products
47 - Resource efficiency in package printing – SÜDPACK expands SPQ to include rotogravure printing
48 - New frying solution from GEA sets a new processing standard
49 - New Emerson High-Flow Solenoid Valve Increases Plant Reliability and Operating Efficiency
50 - Meet SPARK, Bühler’s simple-to-use sorter tackling big problems
51 - Berry Unites its High-Performance Lamination Films Under its Entour™ Film Brand
52 - Huhtamaki North America launches fiber-based egg cartons, made from 100% recycled materials, in the United States for the first time
52 - Tetra Pak and Lactogal cut carbon footprint        
53 - Emerson Launches Compact Valve Position Indicator Engineered for Quick and Easy Commissioning
54 - Packaging Machinery Pioneers: Shaping the Future of Packaging

57 - Valio commits to reduce the use of plastic by 15% in its single-use, single-serving packaging by 2026
58 - Berry Launches Breakthrough Technology in Cling Film, Providing a Certified Recyclable Alternative to PVC Films
58 - Unilever to share reformulation patents with ice cream industry to tackle freezer emissions
59 - SIG wins top sustainability award for its pioneering SIG Terra Alu-free Full barrier packaging material

61 - ISWAI Urges Responsible Alcobev Consumption to Enhance the Celebration of Our Big-fat Indian Weddings
62 - Sweegen takes a stand against mislabeling practices in the sweetener industry
63 - States need to GI-tag food, beverages for better prices overseas industry

64 - Cooling Logistics : The Art and Science of Cold Chain Packaging

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