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Dear Readers, we are delighted to present to you the November – 2022 edition.

Dear Valued Clients and Esteemed Readers,

Wishing you all delightful experiences and insightful reading!

Team Editorial
Food – Drink & Innovations

Highlights of the Editions

29 - Smart Protein Market Could Reach $4.2 Billion By 2030: Deloitte Study
30 - Sugar-Free Chocolate: Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth Without Having to Settle
32 - Roquette Launches a New Line of Organic Pea Ingredients to Address Consumer Demand
34 - Spice Powders as Miracle Food For Better Health 

39 - Archroma launches Appretan® NTR barrier solutions for food packaging based on a renewable natural ingredient component
40 - Overview of The Meat Processing Industry in India
42 - Sidel launches its 1SKIN™ bottle, the future of sustainable packaging for sensitive drinks
43 - Elanpro Milk Cooler: A Perfect Solution For Every Cup Of Coffee
44 - Nutrioli strengthens its position in the market with a new packaging designed by Gentlebrand & Sidel
46 - Toward a fully edible sensor showing if frozen food has previously thawed
48 - Mettler-Toledo introduces advanced X-ray to provide unrivalled detection of ‘hard-to-find’ contaminants
50 - Would you take a bite? Over a million cravings were analyzed by AI to create the future-proofed milk chocolate to please all
51 - Alfa Laval Application & Innovation Centre Boosts Productivity

52 - Stora Enso invests in conversion to accelerate growth in renewable packaging
53 - Borealis and Vibac offer more sustainable, BOPP-based film for food packaging

55 - New Food Processing Policy Will Pay Heed To Concerns Of MSME Entrepreneurs
56 - FSSAI mandates proper labels for whole wheat, brown bread
56 - Foreign Food Manufacturers Need FSSAI Registration For Exporting Milk, Meat Products

58 - DeltaTrak and Ericsson IoT combat food waste with real-time cold chain traceability
59 - Food cold chain market worth $809.39 Billion by 2030 

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